It can be challenging to choose the right career.

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It can be challenging to choose the right career and difficult to land the job you want.  Sometimes you may struggle to put together a resume and application, especially if you are new to the workforce, or changing careers, and don’t have much experience behind you.  Thankfully, there are people out there who have picked a career that means helping you get your dream job.

While both resumes writers and career counsellors both offer services to help you gain work in a field you want, their roles are different.   A resume writer is there to help you write your resume, whereas a career counsellor offers counsel on the type of career you want, and how to get there.

However, there are similarities between the roles, and some of the skillsets required are the same, which is where people can get confused about who they need to see.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what each job involves.

Resume Writer

As I mentioned earlier, a resume writer is a person who writes your resume.  But that’s an oversimplification: technically, you can write your own resume.  The difference is that a resume writer is a professional who either has experience in hiring people, has been trained in writing professional resumes, or has specialised industry knowledge.  Sometimes they have all three.

People who work in recruitment can see hundreds of applications for a single vacant position.  In the first round of the application process, your only chance to make an impression is through your resume, so you need it to be stand-out quality.  It must compel the recruiter to want to give you a chance, at least to the next round of the hiring process.

If you don’t know what they’re looking for; relevant keywords to include, and the kind of language that makes the recruiter pay attention, then your resume will most likely be passed over.  This is where hiring a resume writer can make a world of difference.

What does a resume writer do?

A resume writer takes the factual statements and history of your experience, education, skills and career and crafts it into a compelling document. 

It starts with either an interview, or a detailed questionnaire for you to fill out so that they can gain an in-depth understanding of your experience, work history, and your goals for the next job.  Then they’ll prepare your resume for you, using keywords, including powerful action-based words, that appeal to the potential employers within your ideal field of work.

While content is king, proper formatting is crucial in ensuring that the recruiters will be able to read it.  Resume writers have the experience and training to create your documents in a clear and easily read format: providing resumes that are professional in both appearance and content, presenting you as a star candidate in your applications.

Career Counsellor

Where a resume writer helps you write for the job you want, a career counsellor will help you work out what that dream job is, and how to get you there.

Career counsellors are trained to help people with their career choices.  Whether you are just starting in the workforce and trying to work out what you’d like to do, or have an established profession and are looking for a change in career.

With over 12,000 careers to choose from, it can be daunting to try and select the right one.  Add to that the pressure that we often put on ourselves to get it right the first time, to minimise time spent in a profession we don’t enjoy, and it can become a stressful process.

That’s where career counselling services are so helpful.  If you’ve ever taken a “career test” to try and work out which field to pursue, you should probably sit down with a career counsellor for some real advice.  They have the knowledge and experience to help you understand what your personality, skills and attributes are best suited to and the average salaries and requirements of those fields. 

What does a career counsellor do?

A career counsellor will start with an interview or consultation process to learn your skills, abilities, personality, interests, any work history or experience, and any goals you might have.  From there, they can start to advise you on suitable fields and make suggestions for your career.

The process doesn’t end there though; they don’t just come up with general field job match results like those free career tests.  They will work with you to research the specific roles that interest you within those fields and provide advice regarding any further study or training that you might require.

Career counselling is all about matching you up with your dream job in terms of skills, personality, work requirements, and what you’d like from a job, such as salary and hours of work.  The counsellors endeavour to match you with a career that will provide you with job satisfaction and help find the resources to upgrade your skill set to prepare you for the workplace.

Both services help to further your career

Resume writers provide assistance crafting documents relating your experience so that you can land your dream job.  Career counsellors help you work out what your dream job is, and what you need to do to get there.

For their differences, your involvement in the process may feel very similar.  Both will require the same, or at least similar, information from you so that they can gain an in-depth understanding of your current abilities, work history and goals.  Both positions also require a thorough knowledge of the skills, qualifications and experience necessary in the different fields of work, to be able to best represent or advise you.

If you are serious about putting your best foot forward, and chasing your career goals, it’s well worth investing in at least one of these services.  The upfront costing is worth it in the long run to kickstart your career progression.

Already know what your dream job is?  Contact us today to start putting together the perfect resume that appeals to your next employer. Other tips can also be found here:

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