How to Stay Positive Job Searching During COVID and the Current Unemployment Rates in 2020.


Your mindset is your most valuable tool and can set you up for success or failure.  We understand that in the current job search climate, keeping a positive outlook can be difficult, so we’re here to help.  Read on for tips and advice on staying positive while finding work during COVID.

Remember that you’re not alone

It’s essential to recognise that COVID-19 has had a global impact.  You aren’t alone, and if you’ve lost your job, it’s not that you aren’t good enough.  You have skills and experience, and you will get a job.  It’s just a matter of time and applications.  The job market is more competitive than before COVID-19. So expect to apply for more jobs than you would have before the pandemic. Businesses are rebuilding, and more positions will become available, so keep trying and be ready for that job.

Expand your horizons

Look at your transferrable skillsets; you may be able to find work in a new field.  Even if it isn’t your ideal job, you never know where it could lead you.  As companies start rebuilding, the position that you land may lead to further opportunities. You could change departments or roles within that organisation, even springboard to your preferred company, so apply for every opportunity that you can.

View it as an opportunity

Maybe there’s a skill upgrade you’ve wanted to work on but never had the time.  While you have more time on your hands is the perfect opportunity.  The lockdown has been a force reset for everyone, and there are a lot of people using the time to stop and reflect on what they want moving forward.

Your day can include job searching, applications, upskilling, and working on that hobby or side project that you couldn’t before COVID-19.  There are plenty of low-cost and even free courses available online.  The great thing about upskilling now is that it’s something else to add to your resume.  With employment rates so low at the moment, the better your resume looks, the better your chances of landing an interview. 

Think outside the box

While you’re looking at upskilling, take a moment to take stock of your different skills, abilities, and experience.  Is there a service that you can offer as a freelancer?  Even if it’s not something you feel you want to pursue long term, it may take a bit of the financial pressure off you while you’re finding your next job.

Keeping your spirits up

Give yourself time each day to move away from the computer and the job search process.  Give yourself a timeframe; schedule in the hours you’ll spend searching for jobs and writing applications each day.  Then use the rest of the time to do something you enjoy.  Give yourself permission to finally sit down and relax with that book you meant to read, or that movie you wanted to watch. 

Stay connected with friends and family.  If the COVID restrictions where you are prevent you from seeing people face-to-face, then make phone calls and organise zoom parties.  Your friends and family are a support network.  Who knows, maybe they’ll also know an opening you can apply for?

Celebrate the small wins

Every time you make it to the next stage of the hiring process, celebrate!  If you get an interview, take the time for a compulsory moment of “yay!”  Even if you don’t land the job, celebrate each success that comes your way.  

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