Resumes expedite job seekers success

Job seekers who want to win job interviews must impress the recruiter in the first six seconds of scanning their resumes and only a well-crafted resume can achieve this.

Recently published HR studies reveal that the typical recruiter glances through a resume for a mere six seconds before deciding whether to trash the resume or tag the job applicant for follow-up.  The findings also show that well written professional resumes are the ones that pass the “six second scan test.”

Matt Tutty, Manager of the online resume writing service, Resumes To You and Certified Professional Resume Writer and HR Generalist, puts forward an argument that supports these findings.  He says a resume should serve as a “highly reliable magnet that … facilitate in drawing career opportunities to you.”

 The studies say employers look for some key things during that six seconds resume scan. High on the list is a customized resume which focuses on the relevant skills and experience the job candidate can transfer to the new job. The findings point to key words which link the candidates’ skills and experience to the needs of the job as compelling factors in that arrest recruiters’ attention.


The findings show that recruiters also look for a resume format that gives a clear, concise and comprehensive over view of the candidates’ job history, overall professional background and education. Name and contact details, current and previous places of employment and the respective dates and job titles are some of the key details recruiters reportedly look for during their quick resume scan.

Matt and his team at Resumes To You know exactly what recruiters are looking for in a resume. They have their own success stories of crafting resumes that hook recruiters and land their clients interviews that get them their dream jobs.

Basking in his successful job search and lauding the services he has received from Resumes To You, one of Matt’s clients shares this testimonial: “I have resigned from work as I was offered a wonderful National Event Manager role and I’m so excited. ….. I really feel the resume got me that initial interview. He picked mine as one of out of 40 resumes so you’re absolutely doing something right.”

Resumes To You is a National online Professional Resume Writing Service based in Sydney. The service boasts a range of HR professionals who specialize in tailoring each resume into one that fits the career profile and job aspiration of the job seeker. The web-based service has also highlighted the team’s expertise in creating “customized cover letters, key selection criteria responses and keyword optimized LinkedIn profiles,” to meet the requirements of a wide range of career industries.

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