Consider these things when hiring a resume writer now.

Not everyone is able to accurately record their experience, skills and work history on a resume, or present it an aesthetically pleasing way. 

That’s why there are resume writers (like us!) who can help craft you an impressive resume that will hopefully land you that interview. However, there are many misconceptions about exactly what hiring a resume writer entails, and that’s why we’ve written this blog. 

Here’s what you need to think about before you hire a resume writer:

Leave plenty of time before your application is due

You need to give the resume writer enough time to write up a draft, and allow time for any edits or changes you want them to make. This means you have to give yourself enough time to read over the drafts more than once, so that you know what you want changed.Too close to the closing date, and you risk having to send in an incomplete resume.

Be available when working to tight deadlines

If your resume writer has a hard time getting in contact with you for clarification or to get further information, they lose valuable writing time waiting to hear back from you. This is another way to almost guarantee you have a late or incomplete application.

Give the writer as much information as possible in the beginning

When a resume writer has to constantly chase you up to find out more information, they have less time to make your resume shine. Writers who don’t have much to go on will quickly hit a dead-end.

Look at whether your availability matches with theirs

If your resume writer only works a standard 9-5, for example, and you work opposite hours, will you be able to communicate with them effectively? It’s a good idea to confirm with them that they’ll be available to assist you before you hire them. Not every business will assist you outside of their normal hours, and will make you wait until the next business day.

Be accountable for your time and your actions

People don’t sit around and wait for your email or call to come through, so you need to take responsibility for when you communicate with them. You cannot blame the resume writer for your application being late if you only sent them your notes on the draft at 11pm the night before the due date, for example. 

You can’t place all the pressure on the writer or blame them for not being available when you want them to be; as the ‘job seeker’ you are also responsible for ensuring your application is ready in time.

Make sure you meet the job requirements

Don’t engage a resume writer’s services if you don’t actually meet the application’s requirements. Go over these more than once, and ensure that you can provide solid feedback, examples or notes to help the writer craft your new resume. Don’t just jump in and hire a resume writer without considering whether you’re actually suited for the role.

Understand that resume writers usually have other clients too

If you can’t make yourself available or make the application a priority, then don’t dive straight into hiring a resume writer. They cannot drop everything and let other clients down if you are slow at responding even though you have a tight deadline, or do not provide enough information and need to be chased up.

Don’t forget that it can also take a fair bit of time to write a good cover letter or resume, so you need to take that into account when setting your expectations.

Make sure you can meet the requirements of a role when changing careers

If you’re changing industries altogether and not just changing roles, make sure you can give the resume writer evidence of being able to apply your current experience and skills to your new career. We have a great blog on transferable skills here, if you want more information.

Any good resume writer will not ‘make up’ answers to selection criteria for you

If you can’t meet the requirements of the selection criteria, or provide solid examples for the writer to expand on for you, then consider whether you should even apply before hiring a resume writer. Their job is to use the information you give to create excellent answers to the selection criteria, not make them up.

Take any feedback onboard

You hire a resume writer because they are professionals and know what it takes to get your application or career documents noticed by prospective employers, so be sure to listen to their advice. 

If you have considered all of these points and still want to go ahead and hire a resume writer to help you with your next application, talk to the Resumes to You team today. We’re experienced in writing career documents for a range of careers and industries, and will help your resume stand out from the crowd.

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