Congratulations! You have won that job interview. Even as you celebrate, it is time to ensure you are fully prepared. Here are ten tips to help you get ready for that interview.

 Prepare and Rehearse

Always go into an interview prepared to answer certain questions.  Interviewers typically ask about your reason for wanting to work with the company, your strengths and weaknesses and short to medium term career goals. Research other typical interview questions related to your field and be prepared to give brilliant answers. Ask someone to conduct a mock interview with you or rehearse aloud in front of a mirror.

 Research the Company and Interviewers

Knowing about the company is critical. Your ability to insert a positive observation about the direction or performance of the company or some special involvement or achievement or an interviewer will distinguish you as someone who is informed and interested in the organization.

 Dress Appropriately

The way you look when you walk into that interview is your first opportunity to create a physical impression so dress appropriately.  Ensure that you are neat and clean and well groomed and that your make up and accessories are moderate. Stay away from bright imposing colours unless the position relates to fashion or a similar industry. For a corporate environment, dark formal suits are usually safe. It is a good idea to research the dress culture of the company if you are unsure. However, it is always better to be overdressed than underdressed.

 Let your body language tell a positive story

Be mindful that body language is often more powerful than verbal communication. Things like fidgeting, sitting up too rigidly or sloughing, excessive nodding of the head or over gesticulating could be distracting or could suggest you are lacking in confidence.  Also, be sure to stand politely to acknowledge the entrance of other members of the team who may enter the room.

 Shake hands meaningfully.

 It is important that you greet the interviewer with a firm hand shake. The experts recommend that you do this with the entire hand as a fingers only grasp is unprofessional.

 Smile and make eye contact

A smile is a very helpful tool. It makes you appear less nervous and helps you relax. It also makes you seem friendly and approachable.  Interviewers value this as they want employees who can get along with others.  Making eye contact is also important. In addition to being polite, this makes you seem more credible.

 Be prepared to practice table etiquette

Your interviewer could decide to interview you during a meal. The interviewer may wish to observe how well you conduct yourself during a meal with clients and how you interact with those who wait on the table.

 Listen to Questions and Phrase Answers Carefully

When responding to interview questions listen carefully and take time to phrase your answers.  Ask the interviewer to repeat if you are unsure of what is being asked. Try to be brief in your answers and do no ramble.  

 Ask some questions too

An interview is a conversation between you and the interviewers.  You are there to sell yourself as well as to learn about the workplace.  Questions about the culture of the company and details about the job are usually appropriate.

 Send a Thank You Note

Send a thank you note a few days after the interview. Express your appreciation for being invited to the interview and reiterate your interest in the position.


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