Tips for School leavers

Exams are nearly over so what next?  Time to start looking for that Christmas, summer casual role or prepare for the New Year ahead!  This means it is time to start thinking about your resume, CV, and interviews.

The importance of having an up to date resume/CV on hand when a vacancy pops up is important at any time of year, although especially at the end of exams when you’re ready to apply for work.

Resumes to You founder Matthew Tutty opens up his little black book of Resume & Interview Tips to help you make sure you’re ready, Resume for school leavers.

Does your resume have a clear career overview/summary?

The introduction of your resume is important it makes your first impression in seconds.  A great way to introduce a candidate on your resume is by creating a qualifications summary or career summary. Promote the skills you can bring to the role you are applying for.

Is your current role listed with your duties, skills used and achievements?

This is one of the most overlooked things in a resume.  Your current role or studies is crucial to your search as it shows your current skills, duties and where you are at in your current career or studies.

Does your resume use the same language style throughout?

We see many resumes that chop and change style throughout.  It is really important that your resume reads well, and a consistent style throughout is key to that.

Have you used keywords in your resume to help you pass screening software?

Most Recruiters and HR departments add your resume to a database, and will run search queries based on specific keywords.  If your resume doesn’t have the keywords related to the job you are applying for, you will be out even before the game starts.  The days of being right for the job are gone, and you need the right keywords to sell yourself.

Our Top 5 Interview tips for School leavers:


Learn about the employer by studying their website, and the job description. Make sure you know exactly what the company does, the role you will potentially have, and what will be expected from you.


First impressions are important because an interviewer will form a positive or negative opinion based on how you present yourself. The key is to look professional, so definitely no jeans, trainers or t-shirts.


Research the location of the building that the interview will be held in. Put the postcode into Google Maps and plan your exact journey well in advance. Aim to arrive 10 minutes early.


It is usually acceptable to take notes with you into an interview as this shows you are organised and have thoroughly researched the role. Have questions to ask, this will impress an interviewer.


Every company wants to work with people that are friendly, enthusiastic, polite and confident. Try to stay relaxed and show how excited you are to be given the opportunity

Confused?  It’s ok, because if you are looking for a little help, Matthew and the Resumes To You team can help.

Whether you’re considering a casual Christmas job or full time role in 2016, or are looking to spruce up your resume or CV, or whether you’re leaving school or university – Resumes To You has you covered.

After all, having a polished, up-to-date resume on hand and ready to present to a prospective employer the moment a suitable vacancy pops up is invaluable in the search for a new career.
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