How to Write a 1-2 Page Statement for a Government Role

Applying for a government role is often a little different to a standard job application. Here’s our Resume to You tips on how to write a successful one to two-page statement to coincide with a Government role application.

Job seekers who have recently considered applying for any government or movement role will have noticed application requirements are often a little different. Nowadays, most government departments require a one to two-page submission along with your resume.

Submission requirements vary from job to job. Some organisations prefer succinct, summarised responses to a set selection criterion along with a cover letter. Others require only summarised information within the cover letter itself.

The only way to know for sure is to read the application requirements in-depth. And, if you are not certain which is the best way to approach your application, ask the dedicated contact person before putting any pen to paper (or finger to keyboard..)

Tips for tackling selection criteria and job application requirements

#1. Ask for more information

If you are not sure on their requirements, ask the job advertiser how they would like their selection criteria or suitability statement addressed. Generally, you will find details of a dedicated contact person on the job advertisement. Details are provided for this very reason, so don’t be afraid to reach out. They will appreciate your proactiveness.

#2. Customise your application

Customise your resume as much as possible to build in the required selection criteria. Use key words and key phrases if possible from the job description and capability frame works. Depending on whether it is permitted in the word count, etc, you could list some of your achievements under sub-headings rather than listing under job responsibilities.

Think about some effective, easy-to-identify ways to make yourself stand out on your application as a valued candidate.

#3. Addressing the ‘type’ of application response 

A two-page statement application – global response

A job application that requires a global response within a two-page cover letter is typically asking for an overall response to their selection criteria, instead of individualised criteria. When addressing selection criteria this way you need to concentrate your efforts on a number of key factors:

  1. Why is this job the best job for you?
  2. What information do you have on hand about the role, the needs of the role and the organisation?
  3. What will you ultimately bring to the role and to the organisation – why are you the best candidate?

Again, use references that specifically targets their advertised selection criteria.

A global response to the criteria means the job advertiser is seeking a little more intel about you, your characteristics, strengths and weaknesses in a summary. They will use your resume for all the other information needed.

A two-page statement application – direct response

A direct response within a statement is just that – a direct response to selection criteria. You could approach this in a couple of ways:

  1. Squeeze your responses to each individual selection criteria into a paragraph or brief phrase under a heading. This will create ‘sections’ within your overall statement making it easy to identify what criterion you are addressing each time. Focus each section on how and include examples to back-up your statements.
  2. The second option is to provide evidence-based examples that address multiple criteria at once. You can reference the selection criteria in the margin adjacent to your samples, or perhaps use bold text on the keywords and phrases instead.

Once you have determined exactly what type of response the job advertiser is looking for, you can write your one to two-page statement successfully. But, remember the key to nailing it is to have the correct information and requirements on hand first. So, don’t be afraid to ask.

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