How to improve on your resume when applying for jobs in 2022

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How to improve on your resume

How to improve on your resume when applying for jobs in 2022 Way You Write Your Resume Matter When Applying for Jobs?

How to improve on your resume, I’ll get straight to the point – yes! Tailoring your Resume is very important because no two roles (or companies) are the same. What each hiring manager is looking for will be different every time you apply to another organisation. 

If you’re attaching the same generic resume and cover letter with each application then you won’t stand out from the other candidates. Customising your resume to each job is vital for catching the attention of the hiring manager and increasing your chances of success.

A generic Resume won’t get you noticed – How to improve on your resume

A recruiter or employer will always notice a tailored resume over resumes and cover letters that aren’t. When assessing the mountains of applications they receive, a hiring manager will either put them through specialised software or glance through and take note of those that address the job description. 

As mentioned earlier, every role is different. Every industry requires varying things from their employees, from their skills and experience to their qualifications. The key to being noticed is to write and tailor your resume and cover letter to each role (or each industry) that you wish to target.

How to tailor your resume and cover letter effectively

Personalising your application documents isn’t as difficult as you might think. There are a few simple things you can do that don’t take much time but will make a big impact on your job application.

Review and research –  How to improve on your resume

You can’t tailor to what the company is looking for, without knowing what skills, qualities, experience and qualifications they desire in an employee. This means the first step is finding out what these are. 

The job advert should tell you most of this information, so review it carefully and make a note of any requirements. There might also be a job description that you can view, and it often contains even more detail about what they’re looking for. It could also list reporting structures and the expected tasks that you would carry out day-to-day in the role. Some job descriptions list expectations as well, such as whether the position has a view to advancement in the future. 

Now that you’ve gathered important information from these two sources, you should also research the organisation itself. Finding out more about their culture, values, and the company in general will help you further customise your Resume. If their website doesn’t list their values, you can also use the job description and advertisement to find keywords that demonstrate what values and qualities they’re searching for in an applicant.

Time to customise How to improve on your resume.

It’s time to tailor your resume and cover letter now that you have the information handy. This includes skill-matching and customising the rest of your Resume  to what you’ve found.

Matching the skills on your resume to the ones the role requires is beneficial in two ways (provided you do actually possess the skills): the hiring manager can quickly see that you fit the requirements, and Application Tracking Software will pick up on these keywords as well, getting you onto the next round of the application process.

Customising the summary on your resume is crucial, so start with this first. It quickly shows the hiring manager that you have what they’re looking for. Summarise any experience, skills, values, and qualifications you have, and how they relate to the advertised position. You can expand on all of these points in more detail in your cover letter, explaining why you are the best person for the position. 

In the section about your work experience, be sure that any relevant history is adjusted to demonstrate exactly how your previous roles make you suitable for the job. 

Other helpful tips can be found here also,

For help with tailoring your resume and cover letter, get in touch with us

How to improve on your resume, Personalising your Resume can be tricky to get the balance just right – you can’t copy and paste, but you also can’t say you have attributes and experience that you don’t actually have. We help applicants all over Australia create resumes and cover letters tailored to specific industries, making your job application stand out. 

You may have a good resume already, but it needs to be great to get you noticed – and tailoring your Resume makes all the difference. Let us take your resume and cover letters from good to great – contact the friendly team at Resumes To You today.

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