Career Advice before the Holidays: Why Christmas is the Right Time to Find a New Job


This season is best characterised by parties as Christmas is coming. But actually, I think Christmas is a great time to get a new job. Please let me explain.

·     Many companies have new plans for the new year, so now they may look for new employees. Indeed, the majority of organisations are doing their end-of-year reviews before Christmas and they also create new plans for the new year right now. Therefore, this is the perfect time for companies to start thinking about hiring new employees next year.

In that case, you would be well-advised to proactively send your resumes to companies that you would like to work for (don’t wait until they publish their new positions that are available on the Internet because if you wait until then, these companies will receive hundreds of applications and your application will be buried under your competitors’ applications).

Just be proactive and send your resumes & cover letters to organisations that you are interested in now. Then when they have a new position that is available, they will think of you first. Remember to send your resumes and cover letters by post (not via email) because most people will ignore or delete random emails from strangers, but if it’s an s-mail sent to them by post, they have to open it and read your resume & cover letter!

(Pro tip: use a yellow envelope rather than a white envelope to send your resume & cover letter, as most people use white envelopes – you want to stand out from the crowd from the beginning.)

·     Leverage your Christmas holidays to strategize your career. Yes, you’ve been busy all year and at last, you have some “me time” for yourself. Hence, during the Christmas holidays, you can read a book about career advice or take an online program that teaches you how to get your ideal job in record time. Then you will see the transformation in the new year. Invest time in yourself now and you will reap the benefits.

·     Your network is your net worth. Because there are many parties during the Christmas holidays, you will have lots of opportunities to meet a large number of people. In other words, Christmas is actually the best time to mingle with the right people that you should totally meet for your career success.

No matter it’s catching up with old colleagues or meeting acquaintances that have the right resources you need, these parties are literally networking events. By the way, your acquaintances are more likely to help you in terms of your career, whereas your family/friends are less likely to help you in this regard, because you and your family/friends share the same resources – if your family/friends can help you with your career, they must have done it already.

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From the team here at Resumes To You, we’d like to take this chance to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas. We look forward to helping you get your dream job in the new year!

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Career Advice before the Holidays: Why Christmas is the Right Time to Find a New Job 3
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