10 Foods To Boost Your Brain Power At Work


Jobs can be very tedious and require a lot of brainpower which is why to remain at the top of your game at work, you have to keep your brain functioning at maximum capacity. However, it is impossible to achieve this throughout the day since keeping the energy levels high is quite difficult. The following are some brain foods that can help you in boosting your brainpower at work.

Whole Grains

Whole grains have plenty of glucose in them and can supply a lot of energy to the brain. Having a bowl of cereal in the morning before going to work can keep your brain working at full capacity throughout the day.

Oily Fish

Health of the brain relies heavily on omega-3 fats, which can only be obtained from oily fish like salmon, trout and mackerel. Include any of these oily fish in your diet and you will never lose your concentration at work.


Blueberries have been known to be very effective for people who suffer from short term memory loss. If you are one such person then keep this brain food close at hand while working and you will never have to worry about memory loss.


Tomatoes have a special ingredient named lycopene, a potent antioxidant, present in them, which can help in quelling the threat of free radicals and thus improve brain function. So eat tomatoes and keep your brain performing at its best.


Blackcurrants are rich in vitamin C and are considered excellent for enhancing the agility of the brain. Eating this brain food can help you in remaining focused and fresh while working in the office.

Pumpkin Seed

Thinking skills require zinc and the best source for getting zinc are pumpkin seeds. Have a handful of these seeds in a day and you will find your thinking skills sharpening all the time.


Broccoli is a vegetable that has many health benefits, but the best among them is its ability to increase brainpower. The rich reserves of vitamin K that are present in this brain food help it to keep the brain functioning at full capacity throughout the day.


Sage is a reputable food item which is known for enhancing short as well as long-term memory. So, if you want to keep your memory sharp then include sage in your diet.


Nuts are a handy food item that you can keep in your desk and eat at regular intervals during work. This brain food is rich in vitamin E and thus has the power to increase the cognitive function of the brain.


Rosemary’s scent has been known to enhance the cognitive abilities of the human brain. Moreover, it is also great for memory as well as increasing blood supply to the brain.

Post Description:

This blog post provides information about foods that are considered beneficial for increasing brainpower. It enlists the name of the foods that can be eaten to keep the mind fresh and active at your job.

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