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Resumes To You has achieved great success in helping clients secure interviews and win job positions. Many clients have turned to us after wasting months and missing out on opportunities by attempting to write their own selection criteria. The investment of time and effort you make with us is truly worthwhile for your future.

For the selection criteria, it is important to follow the STAR format. This involves describing a situation you encountered at work, the task you were given, the action you took to complete the task, and the result or outcome of your action. Writing in this format can be a challenging task, as you need to incorporate a range of skills in a single example from your workplace. These responses should be detailed and concise, with a maximum word limit of 350. Once you become adept at mastering this format, it becomes easier. The work prepared by Resumes To You becomes your own property, allowing you to reuse or modify examples for future applications.

In addition to the STAR format, it is equally important to ensure that your responses demonstrate your understanding of the capability framework for the department you are applying to. The capability framework outlines the skills and actions expected of a public servant, which may vary depending on the APS level. It is crucial to incorporate the elements of the capability framework into your responses. Detailed descriptions of these frameworks can usually be found on the department’s website. Each question will require you to specifically address one of the frameworks and its elements. By incorporating even some aspects of the framework, you can greatly improve your overall interview score.

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8 question selection criteria writing

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