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To Ten Resume Tips

To ten resume tips

Is landing that dream job one of your goals for 2014?   If it is, remember, an excellent resume is critical to a successful job search. Learn how to achieve that winning resume and position yourself for that   enviable job in 2014.

Creating that winning resume is both an art and a science that we at Resumestoyou have mastered. One of our goals is to use our expertise to help you develop a resume that gets you to that job interview. We want to help give you the opportunity to convince that recruiter that you are indeed the best person for the job.  In this post, we offer you the top ten resume tips that will help you gain that job advantage in 2014.

Fashion a unique resume for each job to which you are applying.  The general resume approach – a one size fits all – is not the most effective way to market your skills and experience to a potential employer.  Each job has its unique requirements, so customize your resume to show that you have carefully considered the job specifications and have matched them with those skills, knowledge and experience you possess that make you the ideal candidate for this job.  This will require careful analysis of the job advertisement and often some research into the company’s operations.

Keep your resume concise.   It is recommended that you try to keep your resume to  two pages. If, however, you have been employed for several years (in excess of ten years, for example) and have a wide a range of skills and experience, this may require you to exceed a page.  In this case, try to limit the information to three pages.  Be mindful that recruiters are usually busy people and are often not inclined to read several pages of a resume to determine whether you are potentially a good fit for the job:  recruiters could need to process scores of applications for a single job vacancy.

Market yourself with confidence and conviction – Herald your skills and achievements. Do not be modest.  You resume is one channel that allows you to boast about yourself without seeming offensive.   Convince the potential employer that you will definitely add value to the organization.  Let your enthusiasm for the job and confidence in your ability exude throughout your resume.

Be completely honest and be realistic.   Do not falsify or exaggerate your capabilities.  Do not include work experience or qualification you do not possess.  Also, do not promise what you know you cannot deliver. If you do any of these things, this will sooner or later be revealed, whether at the interview or on the job if you are successful.  Never sacrifice your professional credibility for the prospect of landing a dream job.

Use action words and quantifiable phrases that tell the potential employer what you can do and what you have achieved: an example of this is: Revolutionized the company’s product literature, achieving a 60-percent increase in customer service satisfaction rating for access to information.  This is an effective way of evaluating and articulating clearly your past achievements and your preparedness to contribute to the growth and development of the organisation with which you aspire to work.

Connect key words from the employer’s job advertisement with key words in your skills and experience.  This will have the benefit of highlighting your suitability for the job. It will nudge your potential employer to take note of your ability to add real value to the organization.  New entrants to the job market can make this link using your experience in volunteerism. Notable involvement and achievements in school, community and other civic organizations can count for something here. Also, do not forget to highlight your people skills. Employers value these more than you sometimes realize.  If two candidates are equally matched technically, people skills could set one above the other in the eyes of an employer. The ability to harness existing and emerging technology should also be indicated.

Structure your resume in a neat and organized format and place your most relevant skills and experiences for this job first.  Ensure you hook your potential employer early. Use section headings. Achievements, Experience and Education are usually important subheadings, although these could be modified depending on your range of skills and experience.

Your resume should be easy to read and grammatically correct.  You do not have to use complete sentences. Phrases are acceptable but you should make sure these communicate the ideas clearly and convincingly.  Font types that are easily read (Times New Roman or Arial for example) are usually recommended.  White spaces also add to the ease or reading.  If the presentation of your resume makes it cumbersome to read, the recruiter may simply shelve it.

Contact details should be clearly indicated at the top of your resume.  Ensure that telephone numbers and email addresses are functional.  Include your cellular number.  You should make it easy for a potential employer to contact you.  Email addresses submitted for a resume should be professional.  [email protected] for example, would not normally be considered professional.

Get someone to critique as well as proofread and edit your resume.  If you think you are not doing an adequate job, consider engaging the services of a professional person or company to help you create a resume that sells you in the most effective way.  It is much better to spend a few dollars and get it right than to miss out an opportunity to impress potential employers at an interview.

As you move into 2014, give yourself that chance you desire, the opportunity to advance your career goals through that dream job.  And remember, your chance of getting that interview that can land you that highly coveted job hangs heavily on your having that winning resume.  Resumestoyou encourages you to pay attention to and act on these top ten resume tips for this new year.  Get in contact with us today to get ahead of your competition and ready for 2014.


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