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Does the Way You Write Your Resume Matter When Applying for Jobs?

Does the Way You Write Your Resume Matter When Applying for Jobs? To get straight to the point – yes! Tailoring your Resume is very important because no two roles (or companies) are the same. What each hiring manager is looking for will be different every time you apply to another organisation.  If you’re attaching […]

How Many Pages Should a Resume be in 2020?

How Many Pages Should a Resume be in 2020? Here at Resumes To You, we often get our clients requesting that their resumes be only two pages long. We ask them, “Why?” and their answer is that it’s what they’ve read or heard. This statement is, in fact, not true; a resume doesn’t need to […]

How to Make the Most of Your Days When Unemployed

Whether you’ve been fired, made redundant, graduated, or quit your previous job, it can be tough to handle. It’s draining both mentally and financially, especially if you remain jobless for a long period of time. While it’s tempting to spend your days in your PJs watching Netflix after being beaten down by the job-hunting process, […]

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Christmas Casual Work

Every year in retail, in the months leading up to the festive season, retailers and businesses of all kinds start their search for extra help to get through the busy period. Some people apply for Christmas casual positions to earn money while their usual workplaces are closed during the Christmas break, while others are trying […]

10 steps to grow confidence at work

10 steps to grow confidence at work Understanding where your doubt comes fromAs with all fears, we must understand their origins if we’re to meet them head on. The better you know yourself, the more you’ll be able to help yourself. Accepting itDenial is an emotion determined to hold us back from being what we’re […]

How to Quit Your Job

How to Quit Your Job; The Proper Way! Whether you have found a new pasture or just sick of what your current role is dishing out, you can’t leave a job without resigning first. For those who might be considering getting out your resume and quitting your job, consider these pointers before you are tempted […]

Why Properly Naming Your Resume Matters?

Why Properly Naming Your Resume Matters? You have the experience nailed and a professional resume written. Now, here’s the scoop on how to break through the competition. Securing a job is no easy feat. So, if there’s something you can do to break though competitor job applications and get noticed wouldn’t you want to get […]

Prepare For Your Next Career Move

Many people don’t properly plan their careers and then wonder why the fail to secure pay rises and promotions. Matt Tutty of Resumes To You says, Career planning is not an activity that should be done once, upon leaving school or university and then left behind as we move forward in our careers. When people […]

Six types of people interviewers don’t like

In terms of behaviour, there are a range of actions people can take, and traits they might display, during a recruitment interview that are likely to dampen the enthusiasm for them in the mind of their interviewer. Here are half a dozen of the most common to watch out for and avoid: The under-prepared In […]