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Job Hunting During COVID-19

Industries Currently Hiring and Job Search Strategies from Career Space Professionals If you’re a job seeker (or are worried that you’ll become one in the near future), you’ve no doubt been concerned about your prospects in this uncertain and unprecedented time. Wondering whether you’ll even be able to find a job at the moment has […]

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Christmas Casual Work

Every year in retail, in the months leading up to the festive season, retailers and businesses of all kinds start their search for extra help to get through the busy period. Some people apply for Christmas casual positions to earn money while their usual workplaces are closed during the Christmas break, while others are trying […]

Transferable Skills – What Are They and How Do You Apply Them to a New Career?

Changing your career to an entirely different industry can seem like an almost impossible task, especially depending on the length of time you’ve spent in your current field – or if you’re looking for your first job. It can take time to build up qualifications that are relevant to the next position you want to […]

How to Set the Right Tone on Your Resume

How to Set the Right Tone on Your CV You can’t reflect body language on paper. So, when it comes to putting your best foot forward it’s uber-important to get the tone right on your CV. Here’s our tips on how to do it properly. It is not what you say it is what you […]

Why the Right Job Title Can Be Crucial on a Resume

What is in a name? Well, when it comes to job titles, it is often what defines our role at work. And, when it comes to a resume it could be the make or break of landing you that dream role. Any good professional resume writer will tell you the importance of standard job titles […]

Why Properly Naming Your Resume Matters?

Why Properly Naming Your Resume Matters? You have the experience nailed and a professional resume written. Now, here’s the scoop on how to break through the competition. Securing a job is no easy feat. So, if there’s something you can do to break though competitor job applications and get noticed wouldn’t you want to get […]

Prepare For Your Next Career Move

Many people don’t properly plan their careers and then wonder why the fail to secure pay rises and promotions. Matt Tutty of Resumes To You says, Career planning is not an activity that should be done once, upon leaving school or university and then left behind as we move forward in our careers. When people […]

Multiple Job Interviewers

This situation might see you having to deal with anywhere from a pair of interviewers to a complete panel – even in some cases a full committee. For such occasions, here are four key questions to help you cope professionally and perform at your best. Have you assessed the situation beforehand? It pays to check […]

How to handle unusual interview questions

If you have attended a few interviews throughout your career, you’ll know that most interview questions are fairly straightforward. The interviewer designs his or her questions according to the job requirements, so you will commonly get questions about your technical skills, your experience in previous jobs and your knowledge about your prospective role. Unfortunately, there […]

Keeping positive while job hunting

We’ve all been there at some stage in our lives. Sitting at home, clicking the mouse until your finger goes numb. Scouring the jobs and applying for anything that sounds remotely appropriate. When the rejection emails start coming in… it’s hard. It’s demotivating. Sometimes it’s downright humiliating. Keeping positive as you search for a job […]

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