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What You Need to Know Before You Send a Cover Email

While handing your resume to the store manager in person or applying through job boards are still the most common ways to apply for a position, cover emails are becoming more popular. A cover email is when you send your job application via email, and include your cover letter in one of two ways: by […]

3 Tips for Job Searching in 2020

It’s almost the end of 2019, and, like this time every year, you might find yourself thinking of changes to make in the new year. One of the most common resolutions for the coming year is to make a career change – and if you’re reading this, you’ve probably made the same resolution.  Whether you […]

Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Christmas Casual Work

Every year in retail, in the months leading up to the festive season, retailers and businesses of all kinds start their search for extra help to get through the busy period. Some people apply for Christmas casual positions to earn money while their usual workplaces are closed during the Christmas break, while others are trying […]

How to Set the Right Tone on Your Resume

How to Set the Right Tone on Your CV You can’t reflect body language on paper. So, when it comes to putting your best foot forward it’s uber-important to get the tone right on your CV. Here’s our tips on how to do it properly. It is not what you say it is what you […]

Why the Right Job Title Can Be Crucial on a Resume

What is in a name? Well, when it comes to job titles, it is often what defines our role at work. And, when it comes to a resume it could be the make or break of landing you that dream role. Any good professional resume writer will tell you the importance of standard job titles […]

Why Properly Naming Your Resume Matters?

Why Properly Naming Your Resume Matters? You have the experience nailed and a professional resume written. Now, here’s the scoop on how to break through the competition. Securing a job is no easy feat. So, if there’s something you can do to break though competitor job applications and get noticed wouldn’t you want to get […]

How to Approach Your Employer for a Pay Rise in 2018

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Find the annual salary review daunting? Do you sit on your hands or go all in? Here’s our tips on How to approach your employer for a pay rise in 2018. You’re a gun employee, worth your weight in gold, and worked to the bone. Sound familiar? Many people believe their skills and talents […]

What Not to Say in a Job Interview in 2018

As humans most of us experience some form of Foot in Mouth Disease (FIMD) from time to time. Whether it’s dobbing ourselves in for something we don’t really want to do, giving away too many hints for a surprise, or asking an awkward question. And when you’re on the reciprocating end, someone with a FIMD […]

Ten crucial job interview questions

Finding and landing a new job sure is hard work. Apart from scanning for vacancies and potential opportunities, getting your resume in tip-top shape and actually applying, perhaps the hardest step of all is the (often) dreaded job interview. If you’re lucky enough to make it to that stage, congratulations! And don’t fear – there […]

Following up with a potential employer

At one point or another during the search for a new job, every aspiring employee arrives at an all-too familiar crossroads.The indecision may come the minute you’ve just finished a job interview or sent in your application, or in the hours and days afterwards as you wait to hear news from your prospective employer. That […]

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