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As a student in a competitive world, it can be difficult to create a resume that shows both your education, but also balances this with work experience you have encountered in the most appealing way possible.

At Resumes To You, we understand student resumes, and can help you achieve the start to your career that you want through our professional writing service.

Give your student resume the edge with our team of writers. Their experience in helping clients start their careers is unparalleled, and is sure to get your foot in the door!

How do Resumes To You approach my resume differently?

We understand that as a student, you may not have as much real-world experience as the applicants you are facing. This is why we approach the education you have gained, and any internship experience you have undergone with extreme care. We are able to delve into these areas, fleshing out the experience you do have to ensure you appear as well prepared for the workplace as you truly feel.

How will this type of resume set me apart?

Many students don’t feel their achievements in unpaid work are worth mentioning, and therefore leave these items out. However, at Resumes To You, we know how important these milestones in your life are, and how they can help you get the career start you need. This is our unique approach, and will ensure your resume is unique enough to set you apart!

To move your career from student to start-up, speak to the experts at Resumes To You about updating your resume before you graduate. Simply call our friendly team members on 1300 761 626, or send us an email with your experience and queries at [email protected].

We’re looking forward to helping you start your career!

A better job starts with a better resume.
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