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Ashlynn is a senior resume writer with Resumes To You, who specialises in career transitions and has helped many people successfully make the jump from one career into something completely different.

With a degree in linguistics and 7+ years of experience in resume writing, career coaching and project management, Ashlynn sets a high standard for herself and her work. Ashlynn knows what recruiters are looking for and crafts unique selling points to create a cohesive story behind each resume.

Having worked as a career coach and a resume writer both in Australia and in the US. Now Australian based, Ashlynn has a strong understanding of what it takes to succeed in different job markets. Her clients have ranged from students to executives from various industries, including: government, tech, retail, hospitality, education, transportation, non-profit, IT, film, fashion, HR, healthcare and finance.


  • Entry / Graduate / Management / Executive Resume Writing
  • LinkedIn Profile Writing
  • Selection Criteria Responses
  • Interview / Job Search / Career Coaching


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