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Even If You’re Perfect for the Job, Your Out of Date Resume Can Get You Tossed Aside

Every 2-4 years, HR departments and recruiters upgrade their “recruiting software” to better refine and pre-screen applicants. These software programs use algorithms and keyword formulas to quickly toss out resumes that aren’t formatted properly or using the right keywords. What this means for the average job seeker is quite simple: If your resume isn’t formatted properly or using the right keywords and layout, it will be quickly tossed aside even if you truly were the best person for the job. Then again, sometimes you just need to add-on your most recent job to an existing resume.

In either case, our Resume Update service has you covered and will:

  • Add On 1 New Position to an Existing Resume in MS Word format
  • Update New Education and Skills Attained Recently
  • Re-organizing current content
  • New Style / Design if required
  • (This Service is Not a Full Rewrite Service)

Please Note: This Resume Update service is only intended to provide minimal changes and or update and not a full resume re-write. This service is simply using your existing resume/CV content and placing it into a new design if required or updating existing resume.

Our Resume update service is suited for clients and job seekers seeking to make minor changes and or to modify their existing resume/ CV to conform with current industry standards. This service is intended to improve your resume by correcting format, updating content, design and re-organising content to specific job goals and requirements.

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A better job starts with a better resume.
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