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Client Instructions: For us to be able to initiate the process of building and writing your resume, please fill out the information requested on this questionnaire. Please read and answer each item thoroughly to avoid potential
delays in drafting your new resume.

Personal Information:

How you would you like your details appear on your new documents:

First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Phone Number
If you would like your address listed, please provide address details.

Street Address
Zip/Postal Code
Your Desired job title(s) or Career Direction:
Please cut and paste link/s to the job advertisements below.
If you currently do not have any specific role in mind, kindly share details of future jobs so we can tailor your documents to the roles you seek.

How many years of experience do you have in your desired position?
What are your key strengths?
What are your top 3-5 strongest capabilities?
Things employers are most interested in, reasons you have been hired in the past or capabilities that have led to your greatest business successes? (Example: As a sales manager, I have been recruited for my consultative selling, account management and business development capabilities.)

What is the number 1 reason why someone should employ you? Please provide concrete example/s on how this ‘trait’ or ‘attribute’ was used in the past to achieve results. (Example: Creative, strategic thinking– when I was working for wi-tribe as the Commercial Director, I had to think outside the box in our go-to-market tactics to deliver a compelling, highly targeted campaigns supplemented by a disruptive guerilla marketing. As a result, I grew the company to become the second largest Internet Service Provider in the country in less than 1 year).

Please provide the details of your current or most recent employment.

Company Name:
Short Company Description
Company URL or Website
Start Month & Year:
End Month & Year:
Your Job Title
Job Title of the Person You Report Into:
Number of Your Direct Reports, if any:
If Responsible for a Budget, How much:

In five bullet points, please tell us about your key activities and functions:

What have been your top 1 - 3 accomplishments in this role?
Be specific – include measurable results, figures and numbers. Think of the CHALLENGES you faced, the ACTIONS you took and the RESULTS. (Example: As a Commercial Director, I was able to turnaround declining revenue by implementing targeted marketing campaigns that grew overall sales by 20%).

Please provide the details of your third to the last employment:

Please summarise any earlier periods of employment (not covered previously) below. Include company name/s, your job title/s and inclusive months and years of employment.
(Example: Company X, Marketing Specialist, Jan 2004-Jan 2006; Company Y, Customer Care Coordinator, Jan 2000-Dec 2003; Company Z, Administrative Clerk, Jul 1999-Dec 1999).

Please list all schools you have attended after high school. Include the city and state in which they’re located and the year of completion. Mention whether or not you completed the program(s), what degree(s) or certificate(s) you were awarded for completion, etc. Please also include short form post-nominals for your qualifications. (Example: Master of Accounting (MAcctg), University of Sydney Business School, 2016; Bachelor of Political Science (BPlSc, Honours), University of Bologna, 2012; Bachelor of Laws (LLB, Honours), University of Bologna, completed 2 semesters only; 2010).

Please list down all other educational qualifications, licenses or certificates you have completed. Please include the institution name as well as the year of completion.

Please provide the details of professional memberships relevant to the role you are applying for. Include your designation (e.g. Board Member) and the inclusive years of membership.

Have you received any awards, honours or recognition in your professional or personal life? What were you recognised for? What did you receive? How? Why?

Please indicate any software programs, apps or online tools you use if they are relevant to your next role, and indicate your level of proficiency. HP = High Proficiency; P = Proficiency; B = Basic (Example: MS Access = P)

Please indicate any language skills other than English and include your level of proficiency. HP = High Proficiency; P = Proficiency; B = Basic (Example: Italian = P)

Use the space below to tell us about anything else you feel we should include, not include or look for further into. If you have any special concerns regarding your resume this is the place to write it down.

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