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When you have already accumulated some experience, people will be more interested in what you have to offer and what you can bring to your next role and that’s where we come into play. We create professional resumes that helps show off the right skills, experience and accomplishments based on what jobs you want to apply for or target. Our commitment is to focus on career progression, while also making it very simple and convenient to install a sense of faith and reliability when employers see your resume. We help you create a resume that surpasses expectations, while also making sure that you have what it takes to surpass any challenges as quickly as possible.

A mid-career resume is crucial for your career, if you write this yourself or get assistance from an overseas resume service and make mistake, you might not be able to advance the way you want. Which is why you want an Australian professional resume writer to handle the writing process. Our mid-career resume writing services are fully focused on delivering the right value and quality to customers, and we are more than happy to offer the solutions and quality you need regardless of the situation.

The mid-career resume is also where you can showcase your professional skills. Since our team is vetted and knowledgeable in more than 50 industries, we have what it takes to create amazing, premium resumes for anyone. This way you will have no problem bringing in more attention to your application, because we have what it takes, and we will be ready to help you as quickly as possible. Our mid-career resume services are fully bespoke, and we always adapt and adjust everything to suit your requirements. If you want a great, easy to read and enticing mid-career resume, give us a try today!


For workers with over 12 months work experience at non management level from any industry.

Mid Career

Mid Career – (Non Management) Hospitality, Retail, Mining, Medical, IT, Marketing, Admin, Education, Nursing, Public and Government Sectors, Accounting, Health, Construction,Trades etc.Suited for anyone looking trades and services, blue and white collar workers. Overseas experience is still counted as experience.The cover letter does not address any selection criteria.

Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Can I edit the files ?

You will receive modern, clean, professionally written and tailored resume towards your career direction. Your  new resume will be emailed to you in the latest version of Microsoft Word & if needed PDF format. The format will be a fully editable document. Other providers will charge you each time you return for edits, our approach is you are not only buying a service you are buying a product also – which means you own the resume.

Yes, We are Australian

We are based in Sydney – we are a National Online service with support via phone and email. We are proudly Australian owned and operating since 2008.
Be mindful of resume providers located overseas with offshore writers that do not know the Australian Job Market, about Resume Writing and provide you a resume full of grammar errors. We are not one of them, feel free to connect with me Matt Tutty on LinkedIn – Australia. 

Do you have Samples ?

We sure do and if you would like to see any samples of of work from:resumes, Cover Letters, Selection Criteria and even linkedIn profiles. Please feel free to shoot us an email or contact us via our contact page for samples to be emailed to you – Simple.

Do we need a Face to Face Meeting?

As our services are online, all our support is done via phone and email. if you would like a consultation we are more then happy to arrange a day and time to complete this with you. If you are only available on weekends, we can make this happen for you also – depending on availability.

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