LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals

LinkedIn Offer More Effective Job Search Feature

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. The site is running based on the concept of communicating, idea sharing and opportunity offering between different professionals as well as newbie employees. Now, many job seekers use LinkedIn to search jobs for professional migration and entering new job after graduation completion.  LinkedIn provides several features that let you customize your profile, as you want. The biggest advantage of such sites is that you do not need to search for jobs always. Sometimes, the employers themselves may provide you an offer of a new job!


How is this possible? This is possible when you have a great profile with rich portfolio and academic excellences. So, optimize your LinkedIn profile with optimum resources and represent yourself at best. While enriching your profile, find out the keywords usually used to search the jobs related to your expertise and place this suitably in your profile. This is necessary because the hiring managers use these keywords when they search for employees. However, do not compromise with the grammars and sentence structures while using these keywords, otherwise this will create adverse impact on hiring manager’s mind.

Since the site is for professionals and you are a professional who are searching jobs, everything of you should be professional looking from photo to portfolio. So, choose a professional photo, which is professional in all standards. Its size should be standard, the brightness and other attributes of the image should be professional looking and the photo should be able to reflect your personality. You should be smiling in the image since it increases the impression.

Do not leave your LinkedIn profile as uncompleted anywhere since this conveys a negative message that you are not serious, perfectionist and finisher. It is a well-believed fact that hundred percent complete profiles have 40 percent more opportunity to get an invitation. Try to connect more and more networks. Some people find it embarrassing and not comfortable to add unknown people. However, you should not escape the fact; who knows that any of them may be your employer. Moreover, the more networks you have, the more opportunity you likely to get.

Write a great summery and use it to promote you. The summery should be engaging, attractive and powerful enough to reflect what you are saying factually. Use your summary for making advertisements. In the summery, your desired workspace, interests and field of working are also expected.

Try to collect and show more recommendations from popular and successful businesspersons. Add yourself to LinkedIn groups and their networks. Users can add up to 50 groups so far and make sure that you have used maximum for your limit. These groups bring much more opportunities. Keep your one eye always on the popular or desired job posts and write directly to the hiring manager.


LinkedIn brought a new opportunity to apply and receive new job offers. All you need is to have a rich profile and this is not much tough. With simple workout, you will be able to create a great profile.




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