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Impress with these interview tips

Don’t allow your competition to win the spot for an interview and the job of your dreams.

Make sure your resume and cover letter and you are sparkling with confidence and your experience, contributions, and accomplishments out shine everyone.

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Before The Interview

Acquire fitting information about the organization through the Internet or your local library. That additional knowledge can facilitate your entrée in the organization.

Appraise your aptitude and experience for the job ensuring you understand all your skills and expertise so that you are able to relate this information for the responsibility you are applying for.

Confirm the address and time!

Know the main interviewers name!

Arrive ten minutes before the scheduled time of your interview!

Relax! Concentrate only on your interview and forget any other issues!

Doing simple things like deep breathing exercises can calm your nerves!

Do not get stressed, if you get butterflies in your stomach. It is a sign of adrenalin rush and it means you are mentally prepared for the task ahead. Butterflies indicate that you are more alert and would be able to give better answer to your potential employee.

Set your targets for the meeting. It is up to you to ensure that the interviewer gets to know about your proficiency, dexterity, experiences and achievements to get to the right decision on your employment. If you sense there are any misunderstandings, make sure to clear them before you leave.

Make sure you have got in touch with each of your verbal delegate to ensure you have their approval to use them. Do remember to thank them for their time.

Turn up approximately five to ten minutes before the interview and not half an hour before!

First Impression Counts…

When you Arrive

Relax and smile!

Introduce yourself to the receptionist! People have missed out on jobs because they were indecorous to the receptionist.

Your handshake with the interviewer should be firm yet pleasant!

Always carry two copies of your CV to the meeting! One for the interviewer and the other one for you to refer.

Your personal appearance counts a lot! Be well groomed and dress appropriately for the situation.

Here We Go!

The Interview

Be Enthusiastic!

Maintain good manners!

Answer each question curtly!

Use proper language and avoid slang!

Ask questions about the position and organization! If they have answered your questions even before you asking them and they ask “Do you have any questions?” Response curtly by saying “Yes- I did, but you answered them all for me. Thank-You”

Be genuine, professional yet real! Nobody gains anything by pretending to be someone you are not. Even if you land the job by pretending, everyone will eventually see that you do not match up to their expectations. It will be worse than not holding a position.

Try to understand the hidden questions! In the end, it comes down to one question-“Why should I recruit you?” Endeavour to give appropriate answers to the underlying questions.

Body Language! Psychology professors state that only about 25% of our communication comes from our oral communication i.e. words. The way you sit, speak and hold yourself, all adds to getting you close to your dream role.

Congratulations on a Great Interview…

After The Interview

Make certain that you follow up the meeting with an effective Thank-You letter. This gives you another opportunity to sell yourself to the employer, consequently improving your chances. For the 40c and ten minutes it takes to do this, it has to be the greatest time versus reward activity in the job search domain.

Debrief yourself! Many a time’s people have wished that they had asked more questions or said something more, after they finish the interview. Follow it up as it can help you be more prepared for other interviews.

Some Emblematic Interview Questions

Tell Me about Yourself…

Recount a brief account of your achievements, professional history and education. Ensure that your account relates to the position you are applying for and do not hesitate to sell yourself.

Why do you want to Work Here?

This is an imperative question as they wish to know your standing for their business. Share your understanding of the business and enlighten them about how your expertise and aptitude would be compatible with their work.

Why did you leave your Last Job?

This is a conventional question. Here the interviewer wishes to understand why you have left or want to leave your previous workplace. Basically he wants to know that were there any issues that you may have had and could bring to their company.

Be upfront! If there were any issues, explain them succinctly.

What are your Strengths?

As you can understand what the company is looking for, you can phrase your answer in that context giving example of each of your strength.

What are your Weaknesses?

Always decide which weak area you want to share prior to the interview. State that one weakness and tell how you worked on overcoming it. Overcoming your weakness makes it your strength!

Where do you see yourself in Five Years from now?

Always respond in behavioral terms.

For example, do not say ‘In the role of Human Resource Manager’ to the Human Resource Manager. Always respond in a way that it shows that you are after a challenge, but that should not mean ‘get out of my way- I’m here!’

The best way could be “In a position that provides a strong challenge in this field (whatever position you are applying for).”

What are your Expectations in terms of Remuneration?

Be straightforward but not greedy! It is a waste of time for both the interviewer and you if your salary expectations differ widely.

Do research about the current salary packages that are offered in your industry for the similar position. If you are uncertain, call up a recruitment consultancy, they will be able to give you a fair idea of the salary package for the job you are seeking.

A better job starts with a better resume.
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