5 Ways To Finding a New Job After Being Let Go


If you have just lost your job or have been out of work for a while – don’t worry – this is actually an exciting opportunity for you even though it may not feel like it. If you’ve been made redundant and haven’t been working for a while it can be easy to get discouraged by the tough job market. However, if you get smart about what you do and how to target what you’re after – you will succeed.

If approached in the right way, the situation you are in now – can be a blessing in disguise. Why not use it and take this time to ensure that what you do next is what you really want and what will make you happy.

Here are some tips to help along the way:

1) Don’t rush into your job search

Unless you are really clear about where you want to be and what will work for you – do not rush it. Take some time out to reflect, to think and evaluate. Make a plan. Identify the things that are important to you and which are of significant value to you. Don’t just rush out there filling in application forms anywhere you can get hold of one.

Spending each day on the Internet or at the Job Centre could be good if done in a focused manner but not if you are desperately trying to get out there. Job hunting without being focused can waste good energy, effort and time. It can also be demoralizing when you get rejected. The less clear you are about your direction, the more likely you will be scattered and rushed in your approach, the more likely you are to get rejections.

2) Evaluate your options creatively

Read up and find out about the areas that interest you. Get out and about and get talking and get experimenting. Talk to your friends, your relatives – anyone you can get hold of and whom you can learn from.

Think about what you are good at and focus on all your strengths and skills. Get to know yourself, your values, your talents and think about how you might like to use them. Do not neglect your passions. What you are enthusiastic about is really important. Finding ways to mould your talents into a future role can be really exciting and rewarding.

Try not to restrict yourself and remember that you do not need to follow or mirror what your friends and peers may be doing. Everyone is unique and has the right to find what is right for them. You will have your own options and your own set of possibilities. Exploring them can really help you get it right.

3) Don’t accept the first job offer you get

If you are good and you are clear about what you want, there will be more offers. If it’s the perfect role for you then fine – otherwise don’t accept second best. It is more important that you find the right role than simply taking the first thing that comes your way as you may regret it later. It might help you in the very short term but ultimately you will be unhappy and will probably find yourself back at square one again pretty soon.

You can save a lot of time and energy if you stop that cycle from occurring again. Be brave. To say ‘no’ to a job offer is ok. It’s totally fine and is a good idea if you feel it wouldn’t be the right type of job or place to work for you. Perhaps the next one is the right one – but if you had accepted the first offer, there would be no chance for that right one to get to you and be found.

4) Don’t give in to fear

Almost all of us are afraid of something. We might be afraid of failing or afraid of not being able to pay the bills. This is completely understandable but if we give in to our fears, we end up being driven by them. It can prevent us from really going after what we want and what we should be doing. Be aware of your fears for sure.

It is no good to ignore them or avoid them. However, do not let them take over your life and end up guiding you in the wrong direction. Being out of work can be a great time to confront your fears and deal with them. With some good support you can confront these challenges.

5) Stay Positive

This can be easier said than done. If you are angry, bruised, frustrated or depressed- whatever your low feelings may be – that is ok but do not dwell on them. You are not working and sure, that can be tough and be a challenge – but see it as something that you will overcome. You can take control of the situation and be the one who decides where you will go next.

Where you end up, how you handle the challenge, and where you will ultimately be is all up to you. Being made redundant or having lost a job can be the beginning not the end. It is in your hands to make the most of this and to turn it into an amazing opportunity. If it is too tough to face alone that’s fine – work with someone – a friend, a professional. That is what we do here at Position Ignition all the time. Help people to figure out what they want to do next, where they want to be and exactly how to get there. We see it through until they are at their destination. If you are positive and you keep moving forwards, there will be great progress in the right direction and you can land that dream job!


So, if you are out of work – do not let being laid off or having lost a job get you down – seize this opportunity and why not use the time wisely to get yourself where perhaps you may never have thought you could have been!

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