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Tailored and Targeted Resumes


Proven Results from entry level to senior leaders

Tailored and targeted resume writing services

As your career progresses, your resume will need to meet a different set of requirements and expectations.

Our expert team of resume writers understand the needs and wants of hiring managers from School leavers, Entry level, Graduates, Mid-career, Management to C-suite Executives.

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Resume writing for every industry, every role

Industry specific Resume & CV Writers

All applications are not created equal. We understand the ins and outs of applying for:

  • Retail, Hospitality and Events Management & Media
  • Nursing & Health care
  • Teaching and Education
  • Mining, Building and Construction, Engineering
  • Legal roles, Government and APS positions, Local Councils
  • Electrical, manufacturing, technology, IT
  • Recruitment, Business consulting & Management   
  • Warehouse & logistics,
  • Administration, business, consulting and management,
  • Finance & banking, Accounting
  • Creative arts & design, Architecture 
  • Charity & volunteer work
  • And More – Just ask. You name it, we’ve written for it.  
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Top Rated Resume & CV Writing Professionals

A better Job starts with a better Resume.


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What Our Resume Writing Services Do Best:

Resumes to You delivers smart, tailored and premium resume writing services, CV writing, cover letter writing, selection criteria writing for Government and Non-Government roles. This includes targeted questions & statements, job application writing, LinkedIn profile writing along with other job application writing services.

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Helping Our Community & Registered Charities:

Project Displaced

Resumes to You are proud to support Project Displaced Project Displaced is a non-profit career development organisation helping the unemployed across Australia.

Australia’s first job crisis service that recognises the enormity that COVID-19 is having on careers, lives, communities, families. 

What Makes a Good Resume Writing Service?

We like to write drafts first, drafts will be written and emailed to you in 5-10 days (Weekends Included)*Depending on bookings.

Our 300+ 5-star reviews confirm our commitment to excellence in service and delivery.

We know the latest thinking, practices and trends across HR, Recruitment and Government Applications.

We know how to make your resume Application Tracking Software & Systems (ATS) compliant.

We’re not limited to your typical 9-5 Monday to Friday roster. If you need assistance outside of hours, we’re available.

We don’t just offer resume writing services:

Resume writing services

We offer Student, Mid Career, Management and Executive level resumes to provide you with a targeted and specific resume you need to unlock your full career potential.

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linkedin profile creation

Improve your professional network, positioning and job prospects with our LinkedIn profile writing service. Resume and LinkedIn writing service.

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Professional resume update

Update an existing resume, we will update or add-on your most recent work or certificates. Resume Experts. (Not a full rewrite).

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key selection criteria writing

Our Selection Criteria writing service will describe the skills, knowledge, ability and experience that you have and how this will align with the criteria of the role.

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Cover letter writing

Our team of professional cover letter writing experts will look at your unique skills, experience to create the perfect cover letter.

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Express turnaround

Add our Express service and we will write your resume and email you your documents in 48 hrs. For an additional fee of $99.00. Terms and Conditions Apply.

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Matthew tutty – professional resume writer

After more than 12 years working across a variety of Job Coaching & Job Mentoring, HR and recruitment roles, I saw the need for a tailored, targeted resume and job application service which delivered more than a one-size-fits-all approach.

The applications coming across my desk were too often outdated, incorrectly formatted, rushed and without impact.

The gap in the market was glaring and my desire to fill that gap grew daily. I understand the Job market and it’s competitiveness for Job seekers.  

In 2008, I launched Resumes To You.

We have achieved considerable growth nationally since our launch and our 300+ 5-star Google reviews speak for themselves. We deliver quality.

With a growing team available to assist clients across Australia, I look forward to building on our progress to date to consolidate our position as a leading resume and job application service provider in Australia.

For me personally, I am committed to continuous learning and follow thought leaders and online publications to stay up to date with industry trends and best practices.

I am qualified with a Certificate IV in Human Resources Management and Services from the University of New South Wales. I’ve assisted 1000s of clients and job seekers in my career from resume writing, job search assistance, job coaching and mentoring, LinkedIn profile writing and career guidance with career development – It’s my passion.

Connect with me on LinkedIn  and other social channels to stay up to date with our latest news and insights. I’m an experienced Resume Writer, CV Writer, Cover Letter Writer, Selection Criteria Writer, LinkedIn profile Writers with a 12+ year career in professional writing. 

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Hiring managers spend between 30-60 seconds scanning a resume


75% of resumes are rejected before they reach the hiring manager


90% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn and visit LinkedIn profiles


Average time to hire has increased over the last 5 years from 42 to 63 days


The average resume length is from 2-5 pages, depending on career level and roles held 

Common Resume Writing Services FAQ


How long should an Australian resume be in 2021?


Most people will tell you your resume shouldn’t exceed two pages, in most cases in Australia a resume can be from 1 to 5 pages in length depending on career level and career history.

In Australia do we use resume or CV?

In Australia, the term Resume and CV are used interchangeably, meaning the same thing. CV’s are generally longer while Resumes are shorter. In other countries resumes and CV are different..

What’s is ATS?

ATS- Is short for Application tracking Software or Application tracking Systems which is used to scan or filter through resumes when you apply for a Job. ATS software is more commonly used in larger organisations and recruitment agencies.

Our resume and CV writers help your resume to break down and get past the ATS barrier.


Do you need a Cover Letter with a resume?

It is recommended that you submit a cover letter with your resume when you submit your job applications. If you’re applying online for a job and there is no way to upload or submit a cover letter, don’t worry about it. In some cases employers and some recruiters find it acceptable just to submit a resume only. if you do submit a cover letter, make sure it is tailored and written for the role you are applying for. We also assist with just cover letters as a stand-alone writing service for job applications.


What Industries do you specialise in?

We can assist with resume writing for all industries, from Construction, Retail, Medical, Hospitality, Education, IT, Engineering, Customer Service, Project Management, Leadership roles, business development, senior managers and so much more..

How Does your resume writing service work?

Get in touch with Resumes to You and have a professional look over your current resume. Our specialist resume writers are experts in recruitment, and with over 5,000 happy customers, you’ll be confident with the work we provide. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means if you’re not happy with our service, we’ll continually revise the work until you’re satisfied. Our resume writing services are affordably priced, and we’re masters in our field. Whether you’re after a quick overhaul on your current resume, or you’re looking to start from scratch, our professional resume writers will help you craft an employment magnet that’ll have recruiters calling at the drop of a hat.

How Does Your Resume Writing Service Work?

Are you looking to resign? Download our free resignation letter here:

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What is a Resume Writing Service?

A resume writing service consists of our professional resume writers based in Australia mulling over your current resume to see where it can be improved.If you decide to come on board, we will put together a tailored resume package that suits your needs.

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How Would a Resume Writing Service Help Me??

In 2021, recruitment has changed a lot. These days, recruiters are looking for specifically written resumes for the role. We need to make sure you resume not only stands out from the crowd, but in flying colours!.

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What Makes You Better than the Other Resume Writers?

Great question! With over 5,000 satisfied customers landing either a job or interview with our resume writing services, I’d say we’re the leaders in the industry. Worried about the quality? We have a 100% quality assurance, If you’re not happy with the work completed, you have unlimited revisions within a 30 day period. Our resume writers also offer some of the fastest resume writing turnarounds, drafts being emailed out within 5-10 days (weekends included). To further our 300+ Google My Business reviews, we’re confident you’ll be stoked with the work we do here!.

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A sneak peak at some of our Reviews

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Hi Matt,

That is great, quite happy with what has been completed, a lot more eye catching and succinct… Great cover letter as well…

I am very happy to go with the ones you have sent …


Hi Matt,

I thought I’d let you know that I have been offered an interview with ACMA. Thanks so much for your help, as I’m sure it was your fine writing skills that grabbed their attention.

Kind Regards


Hi Matt,
Thank you for your email and prompt replies to my emails. Very nice resume, I’m very happy with the outcome and it has been received very well from recruiters and potential employers


Create a Resume Optimised to Pass Through ATS Filters

What to Expect From Resume Writing Services

One of the main benefits of resume writing services is that it gives you the best chance at getting through ATS filters.
The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a tool recruiters use to save time filtering through hundreds of applications. It also stops poorly written resumes from going any further in the process. Even the most minor spelling mistake can prevent you from landing an interview.
A professional resume writer understands how to navigate these ATS filters so your application is not dismissed before it can reach human eyes.

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The process of writing a resume requires a lot of communication. More than you might expect.

Communication is key to creating the best resume for your needs. So you will need to answer a series of questions before the writing process even begins.
Once someone begins working on your resume request, there is a good chance there will be additional queries. Be prepared to elaborate on the information you have provided so the writer can provide the best document for your job application.

An Extensive Questionnaire

Back and Forth Discussions

Resume writing services start by gathering as much information as possible from you. This is the easiest way for a resume writer to determine what they can use and what can be left out of the document.
It is best to answer the questions as thoroughly as possible. Oversharing is not a problem here. In fact, it’s preferred. Your writer would rather have more information to work with, so you can have the best chance of success in your application.
A resume writer will know what they can and cannot use for the position you are applying for. Leave it to them to determine what they need and what can be left out.

When working with a professional resume writer, you are likely to have multiple conversations with them. The discussions will be related to your work experience, skills, and any additional needs. This helps the writer best understand how to present your information.
You are also likely to discuss revisions. This can add additional time to the writing process. But completing amendments is necessary for getting the most out of the resume writing services you’re paying for.

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How to Get the Most Out of Resume Writing Services

Resume writing services are only as good as the information that you send them. Providing all the necessary details about why you are an excellent fit for a position will give the writers what they need to create a document that will help you stand out from other candidates.
It’s also essential to the construction of the resume. If you are questioning whether something is relevant, then you should include it anyway. Resume writers know what is unnecessary, and they are also skilled at wording your strengths in unique ways.

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At Least a Week of Work

Quality resume writing cannot be done in just a few hours, especially when you consider the communication and research required to create a phenomenal document. On most occasions, the process usually takes at least a week.
Plan ahead to make sure this falls within the bounds of any deadlines or applications you need your resume for. The time frame may extend further depending on the number of variations you need, the depth of the information you provide, and any necessary revisions.
Resume writers are very communicative and will update you on the progress as they work through the document.

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Make Sure You Are Ready to Undergo the Resume Writing Process

Before you can engage a resume writing service, you need to make sure you are ready to put one out there. You should be qualified for the positions that you are applying for. A strong resume can get you far, but it cannot help you obtain roles you’re not skilled in.
Ensure that you have the appropriate level of education and experience for the position. If you are unsure, you can consult a professional resume writer to see if your background information would allow them to construct a good resume.

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Provide as Much Information as Possible

When sharing information with your resume writer, make sure you provide as much detail for them to draw from.

This includes:

Education (degrees, certifications, etc.)
Experience (paid or volunteer)

You can keep a running list of all of these things for resume writers to refer to. While not everything will be used, writers have experience moulding different degrees of information to suit the application.
Try to respond to your resume writer as fast as you can with any requested information. This keeps the ball rolling and helps you get your document back quicker so you can submit your application.

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Resumes To You

We are an Australian online professional resume writing service and specialise in writing:

If you would like a phone consultation with one of our resume writers for our resume writing services, Just Ask, we are happy to lock in a day and time with you.

We get it right.

We are an Australian online professional resume writing service and specialise in writing:

  • Personal attention from experienced / expert writers
  • Lifetime storage feature and easy updating
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Nationwide Service Available 7days
  • 30 day period of free editing applies after initial docs are received (tailored towards 1 role only) 
  • Professional Resume Writer

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